eGovernment Solutions

Immigration Border Control System

A comprehensive border control system designed to answer the needs of governmental immigration departments.  Features include travel documents scanning, capturing information from passports and embarkation/disembarkation cards, validating local passports and visas, monitoring visa overstays and blacklisted citizens and much more.

Motor Vehicle Registration & Licensing System

A registration & licensing system designed for handling motor vehicles related documentation.  It consists of several user-friendly modules administrating: client information, driving license issue, vehicle registration processes, payments, fingerprint & digital image capturing, workflow management system, user management, MIS reports and inquiries.

eProcurement Solution

Strategic e-procurement solution designed to deliver higher quality services to government agencies.  The entire end-to-end procurement process, from requisition to electronic payment, is integrated and resides on an intuitive web-based platform.  Greater procurement efficiency and increased transparency are end results for agencies and suppliers. 

Justice & Judiciary Solutions

Being a core pillar for a country’s economic development, a good judiciary system serves the needs of judiciaries and legal fraternities in an efficient and transparent manner.  We offer a highly scalable and flexible solution that boosts judicial transparency; facilitate citizen access and efficiency of the legal administration.  A unified platform is available to facilitate legal processes and services such as case filing and legal research seamlessly.  Court cases are managed more effectively, with greater judicial transparency and access for citizens.

Single Sign-on Authentication Security Solution

A nationwide authentication framework that manages and safeguards customer identities across multiple service delivery channels while enabling users to enjoy convenience of using a single electronic identify to access a wide range of government services.  Essential in providing seamless eGovernment services for every citizen of the country.