Banking & Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solution

Fully flexible and web-based specialized software solution for insurance companies of all sizes from both Life & General Insurance sectors.  It is an integrated client-driven insurance system that handles full insurance policy lifecycle: from quotations, underwriting, receipting, to claims, sales and marketing, commissioning and much more. 

Micro Finance Banking Solution

Fully integrated banking system customized for the micro finance industry.  It consists of several user-friendly modules supporting front and back office functionalities.  It controls work flow management, transaction processing, customer service, disaster recovery and maintains very high security standards.

Core Banking – AML - Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Protection Solution

The AML monitoring system should reflect your institution’s compliance’s policy, AML policy, and Procedures & Risk assessments.  Fraud Protection covers due diligence (application screening, watch list maintenance, data integration), Transaction Monitoring (new account fraud, loan fraud), Anti Money Laundering (risk categorization, transaction monitoring, advance analytics and intuitive modeling), and Internal Fraud (employee fraud, online account fraud).

Core Banking Network Security Solution

With Palo Alto Networks' Next Generation Security Firewall as underlying technology (rated in Gartner's top leader quadrant), comprehensive core banking network security coverage can be provided from backbone networks to end points such as ATMs.