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As one of the leading IT companies in Myanmar, InyaLand is super-focused on helping its partners and clients achieve accelerated technology innovation for their work. By connecting partners and clients with technologies, resources and support services via our innovation community, we aim to serve as a tech catalyst in transforming Myanmar. Particularly, we help our partners and clients win as tech-enabled organizations.

We're accelerating technology innovations in Myanmar

From the very beginning, we at InyaLand are strong believers in the principles of Certified B Corporations and the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence. We have currently been working towards meeting the performance requirements and then tackling the legal requirements with the goal of eventually becoming a benefit corporation and contributing to B the Change movement. If you are interested in B Corps, please let us know at so that we can work together to create a community of B Corps locally.

With strong leadership commitment towards achieving social impact, InyaLand team members have been participating in various initiatives in Internet accessibility, technology awareness in education and government, technology integration and social volunteerism to do our little part in accelerating transformation of Myanmar society for the better.

InyaLand's mission is to accelerate societal transformation for sustainable development by catalyzing and harnessing technology innovations in information, learning, finance and AI with love and metta in Myanmar.

Since founding in June 15, 2011 by a Myanmar duo of practical idealists from the United States and Myanmar respectively in humble beginnings, compared to our mission, InyaLand has been striving on its entrepreneurial startup journey, stretching itself over the years and working to bring along committed and inspired team members for our aspirational and challenging ride, inspired by organizations like Amazon, Khan Academy, Tesla and SpaceX.